LSL Preprocessor and Script Editor

A full featured script editor, preprocessor and optimiser for Second Life LSL scripts, designed to enhance the scripting experience with language extensions and more powerful tools that are not available in the standard editor. Store all your function libraries on your hard disk out of the way, include them as needed, and optimise out the parts you are not using..

This program is under active development - there are quite a few additions planned..

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Recent Changes

Features include
  • Full code folding on brackets, comments and regions
  • Full colour code highlighting
  • Full set of LSL/OpenSim functions, events and constants
  • Full code highlighting of all internal animations
  • Full colour highlighting of all known user functions/defines and global variables in the project
  • XML configuration of all function highlighting, so you can add your own if an update is late
  • Code highlighting configurable from XML files,so you can change the colours if you hate the default ones
  • Full mouseover help on all LSL/OpenSim functions, events and constants
  • Mouseover help on user functions, defines and global variables
  • Auto-complete on all LSL/Openim functions, events and constants
  • Code window tracks which LSL state you are in, no more getting lost
  • Include files anywhere in the code without include guards
  • define macros for replacing variables
  • define macros for inline functions
  • Code optimiser removes unused global variables and functions
  • Code folding, collapse regions, brackets, functions
  • Insert menu for all LSL/OpenSim functions, events, constants and animations
  • Insert menu for all your custom functions, global variables and defines
  • Lists of all files,functions, defines and globals with easy naviagation
  • Full auto-update
  • Mostly compatible with phoenix viewer preprocessor
Dundridge Dreadlow