Q: Saving settings can take ages, what's with that ?
A: I know, it's weird - I'm aware of it.

Q: Why ClickOnce, instead of a "normal" installer ?
A: ClickOnce gives auto updates and very easy publishing & versioning, quickly and easily for free. Other installers take slightly more work.
There are currently minor issues related to the installer, most of these can be solved by updating the options on the editor, and by restarting the editor and restarting Second Life. It's on the todo list.

Q: Please can you add..
A: Maybe.. it might be on the list already.

Q: What's the best way to script stuff using a preprocessor ?
A: It's all up to you really.. Personally I use a very simple in world script with one #include, and all the real code stored on the hard drive. This prevents any multiple version problems in world, and gives the ability to work off line very effectively. I also use lots of #defines in place of "magic numbers" and global variables. Check out the Tips

Q: Only one master ?
A: You may only have one master/work pair open in each instance of the editor (but as many normal code files as you like). At the cost of different instances, this may change in the future.