I've set up a Google+ page for the preprocessor, please circle, +1 and put feedback and requests there (or on my personal Google+ page)

Missing llFunctions or Constants

Please let me know if there are any missing functions or constants and I'll add them and push out an update. I've tried to keep it complete as possible.

Click Once Security Issues

First, relax, if you are using Google Chrome, and it says "Setup.exe appears malicious" this is due to an over zealous protection system caused by detecting Microsoft install technologies being able to change your hard disk. Norton doesn't seem to like it either.

If in any doubt, please click "launch" the application now, and not the install button. You may need to use Windows update to install files normally installed by setup.exe - sorry for any inconvenience or worries, there is nothing malicious here.

Bug Reports or Web Page problems

Again, please contact me via the Google+ pages. I can't fix what I don't know about.

Please make sure you are using the latest version and that your avatar name and include folder are correctly set in options. For any difficulties in updating or installing, please download the latest version directly from the website. Integration with Second Life may require relogging in Second Life and restarting the editor.


It's still fairly new, and I'm outputting fairly frequent updates - if you are having issues, please make sure you are running the latest version by loading from the main menu and checking for update, or by clicking launch on the download page.

In World

Please try to only contact me in world only for urgent, serious problems. I'm here for fun :)